Holy Hemp!

18 Feb

I’ve been so drawn to vegan, ethical, and green fashion as well as products. It’s so fun to check out all the alternative ways these brilliant people have come up with to create such awesomeness.

I’ve come across the loveliest green, ethical, fair trade, vegan fashion, products, and accesories. One of the most fun items I ran into recently are these reclaimed wood bow ties and mens ties.

How darn cool is that!? I think it’s so creative. I might get one and rock it on a night out on the town. I love the concept and think they look pretty pretty awesome.

Along with that I Found this just as awesome reclaimed wood-made ties and bags http://woodthumb.com/


I’ve recently decided to make it a very important point in my life to focus on items that are Vegan/Veggie and/or cruelty free (mainly), but also fair trade and maybe even organic. It’s been quite liberating. I recently let go of a “designer” bag that I used to think I was really into. I realized how f-ing stupid it is to spend such money on a printed dead cow hanging from my shoulder. Well not shoulder, because I mostly buy crossbody bags, but you get the point. People spend thousdands of dollars on bags made from ostrich, leather, rare animals, alligator, etc. Think about it for one second, that’s all it takes. How stupid. It’s almost embarrassing. It is embarrassing. Let’s stay positive though friends!
Muso Koroni has tons of vegan organic products/clothes/shoes. I’m looking forward to trading all my leather items in for awesome hemp, bamboo, plant, recycled material-made, bags and shoes. So many wonderful items are available out there. This is a cute cork belt I found.


I think its important to be in support of hemp and hemp made products. Hemp is so useful and it can be utilized in so many ways from food, to clothing, and everything in between. Here are some hemp basics

((I Want this so bad ^^ ))

Hemp is a great alternative to many animal-made products and it is super durable, strong, and versatile.

To be quite honest the hardest thing for me to give up were my very cozy boots. Until I fully realized what were made of. They are made from the skin of an animal. In other words these animals are specifically bred to be skinned and then made into boots…..
…. Oh they might be unnecessarily eaten as well, but you get the picture.

Even though there are tons of creative and exciting ways to create warm cozy boots/shoes, that is what I used to be into. So for the past 7 years I’ve been working on being a vegetarian, yet spending hundreds of dollars (time and time again) on a defenseless beautiful creature being skinned… Oysh the hipocracy! Let’s get it together world! I’ve since found so many boots that are vegan made. I am so grateful and excited to get some of these awesome creations.

Okay now get ready for truly the coolest thing that happened to me in a minute…
Alright, So these freaking amazing shoes http://www.oatshoes.com are shoes that you plant after you’re done wearing them. They decompose and not only that, but eventually begin to sprout flowers! WHAT?! That is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in a couple of days man. This is unbelieveably inspiring to me, and I’m so excited to try these bad boys out.



This reminded me of something! My sisters and I have been getting these toothbrushes for a couple of years now that are made from recycled products that are cleaned and re-made. You use it, send it back in the little package it came in (via mail, pre-paid postage) and I believe they re-recycle it yet again! Quickly while looking at their page I saw they offer more products. I didn’t get a chance to check it all out, but here’s the link to their site.


I’d like to talk about yoga a little. The first time I ever took a class was about 8 years ago at a gym. I was very restless and could not get into it for the life of me. I tried it a few times and then just left it at that. I didn’t even get it to be honest, and it also freaked me out a little. During my most rigorous acting training; my acting teacher suggested I start doing a series of these very intense phsyical exercises. In these videos they did a couple yoga sessions. It was very physical however I began to start enjoying it so much. I remember writing in a little journal “Look for a yoga studio” about 2 years ago. While on Netflix and looking for workouts, I searched for yoga. This really great video popped up and for the next 4 -6 months I did it 3-4x a week.
Eventually they took it off Netflix and I searched for a studio. I found one near my house and while casually inviting a friend, she mentioned another studio. They had a free week so I decided to check it out. Immediately I was challenged and excited by it. My body was doing the coolest stuff and I was feeling super relaxed. I’ll eventually elaborate on yoga, but in short (for now) it has truly been one the greatest expereinces of my life. I constantly choose yoga over.. well a lot really. It has become such a healthy “habit” if you will. I do not necessarily like to call it that, but what I mean is that I simply cannot get enough. I want to go more and more and often times find myself taking the 2 hardest classes back to back in hopes that it will suffice!

In my experience yoga helps with sooooo sooo soooo much. There are so many health, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.


One of my new favorite things to do is to work with fruits and veggies to make my own DIY beauty concoctions. With my mortar and pestle at hand (or magic bullet) and a smile across my face I’ve been making some really cool stuff. Most recently I made a banana facial, cucumber eye mask, followed by apple cider vinegar as toner. Immediately my skin looked so lovely. banana

Banana Face!

The next step is an avocado lemon hair mask. I’ve already set my avocados aside, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Here are 10 DIY vegan beauty recipes, ENJOY, it’s loads of fun!


So Lastly,

I had a pretty cool jewelery shoot recently. I have a like love relationship with modeling. Sometimes I just like it get in get out, get my check and other times I reall enjoy it, get inspired and have a great time with it. This shoot was a little bit of both. The business aspect to these things can get tedious, however you’re still making a form of art and in this case I was modeling really cool art. Hand made African beads made into really cool jewelery. Very unique and nicely made necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Ony of my favorite things about photo shoots is that there is usually a lot of really good food around. And my favorite is when they ask “Are you a vegetarian?” HELL YES I AM.. What kind of goodies will you have for a vegetarian!? The’ll usually hook it up with some awesome veggie options!

Well anyway,
Below are a few of my shots from the shoot and some prep pics




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